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Two - Three's

Our two-year olds share the seashore room with the pre-schoolers, this allows them more space to move around and, explore areas to play in like the role play or construction. They have free access to many resources and have lots of planned activities and circle times with singing and stories to help aid their communication skills. Each child is given a Key person with whom them spend most of their day with. The relationship usually develops into a close bond and the key person will speak regularly with parents about the child’s progress and how they can help at home.




The children spend a large amount of time outside in the garden not only to ensure they get fresh air but to also explore the natural world around them. There are lots of hiding places where they can go to pretend play and also, we have areas in the garden where the children can balance and climb and take risks whilst under the watchful eye of the Beach Buddies team.




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