Beach Buddies Childcare


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In our designated Preschool area we gently prepare children to be independent and ready for school in a caring and encouraging environment.  We believe "being school ready" means helping the children to become independent individuals who are caring and conciderate of others.


Throughout their time in the Seashore Room and the lead up to them starting school we continue to build on the children’s development through focused activities in the Prime areas: Communication and language, Personal Social and Emotional and Physical development. These are the building blocks the children need to then be able to access the Specific areas; Maths, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design.


Our Pre-school team plan focused activities based on the children’s next steps and interests that they have gathered during the assessment process. We focus more on working towards school readiness teaching the children about being a good listener and learner, being more independent in self care, developing an awareness of letter sounds and their name, number and shape recognition as well as encouraging them to use their voice to ask for help.


All of our learning is done through play and imaginative activities both inside and out. Our children have lots of space and freedom in our garden and often venture out around the village or on the bus to Barnstaple or Ilfracombe to see boats and trains or anything relevant to the topic for that month.



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