Beach Buddies Childcare


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It's Not All About Us...

It's all about the children! We are a team of ten who started as a team of two when Charlotte S and Janet joined forces as childminders in 2013 and have grown Beach Buddies from 12 children to over 50. We have a maximum capacity of 26 children in a day. Six in our baby room (nurture room) and up-to twenty in Pre-school and two's room (seashore room).


We have an onsite cook who provides fresh nutritious meals every day and a lovely sunny (if a little muddy at times) garden where we spend hours playing and getting lots of exercise!. We even like to grow some veggies for the children to explore how things grow and of course they get to eat there hard work! The garden is an on going project that is being added to all the time. We feel it's really important that the children are outside as much as possible.


We spend our time playing and learning through fun actitivities planned around the childrens interests. The children get lots of opportunities to express themselves through physical play and activities and creative projects. We often venture out around the village to see the ducks and go to the library and the park. With our pre-schoolers we sometimes head out of the village on the bus and go to local museums and educational centres.


We also spend time at the local Nursing homes, redaing and singing with the  residence. We feel both the children and residences get an enornous amount from the visits.


We are proudly chemical and plastic free as much as possible. We use home made anti bac solutions to clean on a day to day basis, which is less harmful to the children and our environment. We recycle as much as possible and we have reduced a great deal of our single use plastics.


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